Save toner, ink and time, by not printing the backgrounds. If you want to capture the ambiance, color and background elements of a page, then print them. It's all just a click away.
It's up to you. Check out the top of the page I've reproduced below and decide which way you want to print. If you just want words, you can print faster and cheaper by not printing the backgrounds.
If you want good looking output and you don't mind paying for the ink toner and time, then print the backgrounds. It's up to you and you can always change your printing choice in seconds.

Internet Explorer 4.x
Internet Explorer 5.x

If you're using I.E. 4x (left), just click on the View Menu and then Click on Internet Options.
If you're using I.E. 5x (above, Just click on the Tools Menu and then Click on Internet Options.
Either way, you'll get the pop-up box below.

OK, just click on the tab marked 'Advanced'. Then scroll down to the Printing Icon you see circled in my picture.
Then check it or uncheck it depending on how you want your printouts to look and how much of your ink and supplies you want to use.
This should take less than 10 seconds to change. You can change it as often as you wish. I haven't a clue why it's on the "advanced" tab because using it is anything but advanced.

Check out the difference in your printouts below and then decide whether you want background printing on or off.
And again, don't be afraid to change it often.

A Quick Note to Netscape Navigator Users
Beginning with version 4.5x, there is now an option that allows you to print the background (image or color) along with the web page you are printing. From the File menu, choose Page Setup. Within the Page Options section, choose Print Backgrounds. In Navigator 2.0x, 3.0x and 4.0x only the foreground of a web page could be printed. So, the good news is that you weren't wasting a lot of supplies, but the bad news was that you couldn't print out all the detail of a web page as I've shown below.

Bacgrounds sure make a big difference. They also eat supplies like crazy
OK, so you can see anybody's web page in its full splendor. Note that much of the navigation bar is actually part of the background when you compare it to the example to the right.
Also, you'll notice at the bottom right that the blue background of the table disappears when you print without the background.
If you're going to study a document later, sometimes you might want these 'highlights' as they help your eye follow the thought of the author of the article. Time, supplies or background. It's totally and instantly in your control. Just click to choose.
Here's an interesting sight if you've never printed out a page without backgrounds. As you can see there are many elements that go into a page. Even the copper gradient of my navigation bar buttons is really a background element.
This gives you an excellent idea of all the parts. Of course you see the text, but you can also see which images are pictures and which elements are background.
When you are setting up your own web pages it's important to combine backgrounds with images to save on download time for your readers. Anyway, now it's up to you.
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