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Your Say About LP To CD Perfection
I get letters. I hear about what's right and what's not. What's great and what's not. It's really up to you. I find and test each product myself. If I don't think it's perfect for all of us DAKonians, then it never gets in. But, what really counts is, What do you think? Does it fill the need? Is it better than anything else around? Is it a really good value? If it is, please let me know. If it's not, I implore you to tell me fast so I can reevaluate it and make sure there are no other disappointed DAKonians. That said, check out what you think because results may vary. Testimonials don't necessarily represent the results of all users and the past experience of one customer doesn't guarantee the same results for everyone using the product. So, In short, let me know.
This is a group effort. . . .Drew

Hi Drew!

Your interface works fantastic! I am truly very pleased with that marvel. I have been doing a bunch of old 45's and 33's - some of them are from the 40's and 50's and in such a shape that I thought it to be a joke to transfer them to CD's. But was I wrong ! Your Click, Pop & Hiss Assassin removed all the bad spots and them ones caused by scratches.

Yes, I expected or at least hoped for some improvements but this was way above all expectations. The results are just incredible !!!! The tutorials were excellent and it did not take long for me to get going but I must admit that I happen to work with Musicmatch for several years and your tutorial uses it for example which was naturally of great help.

Thanks a lot for marketing these products because any person who wants to transfer his LP's to CD's - this is the works !!!! Stop looking around any further.

One more thing: When I had a question and I send you an e-mail you did not let me wait long for an answer which shows your interest in your customers. Yes, no problem Drew, using my e-mail address with my initials. Thanks again and good luck with your business.

God bless,

T.S. Bangor, PA

Hi Drew,

I've Had your setup about two weeks now and I have already recorded about 50 albums and made 20 CD's.

I have enjoyed the simplicity of the program and mixer. Being able to edit in between the songs means I can put 2 albums on 1 CD.

Now I won't have to lug around and keep all the boxes of vinyl records I have stored.

Thank you

J.W. Melbourne, AR

Thank you for providing a wonderful product.

I bought the PC Mixer Interface with the Free Click & Pop Hiss Filter Program.


I took over in our church's sound booth and we only had the option of putting our messages on cassette tapes. I was having trouble copying Cassette tapes and converting them to CD's.

I would always get the dreaded cassette hum. I tried different cassette players and even computers. By chance I was surfing the net and I ran across your site referencing the PC Mixer. After buying and installing the PC mixer I initially had a problem with what I thought was the mixer.

But what it turned out to be was a bad sound card. Now I get crystal clear CD's. Since that time I have installed a PC in the sound booth and record directly to the computer. In the near future I will be installing a second computer.

For this year's Christmas play I have converted the cassettes to CD's and broke it out for the Actors, Tenor, Bass, Alto, and Soprano parts. As time permits I am converting past messages to CD's.

With the PC mixer it is easy to copy cassettes. If I can do it anyone can do it.

Thank you for your support and product.

D.G. Las Vegas, NV

The Assassin is just great!

It really makes a difference in recording MP3s from LP's and tapes--in some cases I'm probably hearing better quality than in the first playing of the original records (even new ones had surface noise, now suppressed.)

Many thanks, Drew.

E.H. Glen Echo MD

Dear Drew,

Your product has already saved me over a $150! I'm running a travel camp and the van I'm renting only plays cd's.

I've already converted 15 tapes into cd's and plan to do another 20.

I'm sure my recordings could be better if I took full advantage of the program but your quick tutorial was exactly what I needed for now, since I'm really strapped for time.

After camp I'll explore all the cool tools and additions that I could use to tweak the sound quality. Until then, thanks for an incredibly useful and user friendly product. You're a genius!


Y.G. Brookly, NY

I love the Pop Hiss Program, It works great.

I also like the mixer / preamp. It works great.

I now have about half of my old LP's on disk.


J. L. Sunny Isles, FL

I absolutely love the system. I have about 350 albums I have wanted to copy to save the music.. Your system has allowed me to do that. The click & Pop software brings out the music as if it was recorded originally to CD. Everything is easy to use and I am having a great time using it.

Thanks so much,


The LP to CD mixer works great, but the real outstanding part to the recording operation is "DeClicker".

My friends can not believe that the CD they are listening to was an LP and that The copy was made in my home.

I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone wanting to copy their

V.S. Eldersburg, MD

Hello Drew,

Your tutorials were right to the point. I found them easy to understand and implement. The turntable works great. Thank you for the turntable assembly quick tips. I would like to purchase a spare cartridge. Do you have them available? [yes]

The mixer interface had me a little confused at the beginning, but after reading your instructions a couple of times, it was clear sailing. I liked the click and pop filter. I am really satisfied with the end results.

The CD's sound GREAT !!!!

I have already done 15 LP to CD conversions. I "only" have 90 more records to do. Drew, do you know how to properly clean LP's and the cartridge?

A lot of the LP's are over 40 years old. I noticed the needle picking up a lot of lint while playing. I used a couple of programs that I already had.

They are called LP Recorder and LP Ripper. I find them user friendly. I am now looking for a program so that I can print labels for my new CD's. Thanks again for your great products and your tutorials.

A.C. Manchester, NH


Just wanted you to know, I used the popperstopper on some very OLD records. They sounded like they were used as roller skating rings at one time...and the popper stopper worked.

It wasn't fact, it turned the pops and clicks onto a background rumble...but I understand the fact that these records are so bad, there was no miracle to be had.

But the best part is...they sounded one hundred percent better. So even on really bad records, the program makes a significant improvement.

For the record, I also tried it on a record that was worn, but nowhere near as bad as those old ones, and the results were excellent, almost prefect. So I thank you for such a fine program. As far as improvements, I can't really think of worked and served it's purpose greatly for me. Thanks.

P.N. Cheektowaga, NY

Hi Drew...

I just had to write and let you know what a life (and sanity) savior that you and one of your products are.

I recently purchased a home theater receiver and shortly after discovered that it had no phono input for my Denon turntable. I went on a search for a phono pre-amp and it has been a hectic and frustrating one...

I first tried one from Radio Shack ($29.00), but it went through 9V batteries like candy...I then tried one made by Recoton ($59.00), it ran off of A.C....but along with it came a terrible turntable hum...nothing I tried would resolve the hum, there was no way to ground it or my next step was going to be one made by Rotel with a hefty price tag of $200.00...then, by luck I ran across your site and found the pre-amp of my dreams...

not only was it hum free*, but it had extra goodies like headphone jack ( I can monitor what I am transferring to CD), microphone jack (both with volume controls), 2 line/phono inputs and fader sliders...but most important, *it had a grounding connection!!! was much more than i expected for the $69.00 I paid for it.

It is a GREAT little piece of equipment! I used to get your catalogues a long time ago...but after I moved, I failed to send you my new address and they stopped coming.

I subscribed to start receiving them and look forward to being your customer again...Just wanted to give you a big "THANK YOU" and to let you know that I'm glad you are still around!!!!

E.M. Aurora, CO


It works great and your service has been outstanding from the instructions on the Internet for converting from LP to CDs. I bought your turntable and the mixer. I could not be happier.

Keep up the good work.

L.W. Oswego, IL


You left out the most important, most time consuming, and most hard to implement part of making CDs from vinyl, that is cleaning up the annoying pops and clicks associated with even the mintiest of mint vinyl recordings.

Address that why don't ya' [I did, this is how we got the click & pop filter.]



Hi again, Drew

I just got my turntable and mixer this afternoon. Now I got to tell you, I'm a very experienced computer user, and one of the things I've learned is that it's almost never easy to do something as complex as recording music on a computer.

In fact, I've tried it several times in the past with miserable results. There are just too many variables. I'm also an experienced Drew Kaplan customer from way back, and I've also learned that you're a straight shooter with no b.s.

Well, this setup is absolutely AWESOME, and you can quote me on that. I unpacked that thing, and within 15 minutes I was ripping my first song.

It is amazing! I'm finishing up my first album now as I write this to you. I can't wait to get my Pop and Hiss software (although most of my records are in pretty darn good shape, there are some where that will come in mighty handy).

Mark me down as a VERY satisfied customer, and you can use any or all of this email in any way you see fit as a testimonial to that!

Am I ever having big time FUN with this! and with a TON more to come! I already have at least one more customer lined up for you for this turntable and mixer combo and I'm going to be ordering it for her and having it sent to her in Oregon in a week or so when her house closes escrow up there. I'll bet I dig up some more buyers for this, too.

It really IS the cats pajamas.

Thanks, bro.
P.H. San Diego, CA

I have been transferring my library LPs to digital media for about a year. But I just was not completely satisfied with the sound I was getting with my 20 year-old turntable and cheap radio shack amp.

The product you have supplied me with made a huge difference in the sound I now get and in conjunction with the 4 band compressor and other digital tools I use to master the sound, you can't tell the difference between a track that is commercially mastered for CD and the results I get from my LP transfers.

The high quality turntable and amp made all the difference. The sound is simply amazing. Many thanks for a great product.


C.M. Asheville, NC

"Your system is great! It lived up to and even exceeded what you described it would do on your website.

Your equipment, tutorials, interfaces, and the Click and Pop filter are very easy to figure out how to hook up and use, and the results are great! Thank You! "

K. G. Madera, CA

"Thanks for your support.

But must of all thanks for a wonderful products as the
"Click & Pop Filter"

This is the greatest thing since erasers on pencils

Thanks a lot"

C. M. Hartsville, SC


The interface is great and I've been able to do what I've BEEN trying to do for many weeks.

I have quite a collection of old LP's and I've been trying to figure out a way to transfer them to CD's. I tried to explain what I wanted to several people at the stores and was told to buy different programs, etc. which I did.

But nothing worked or at least I wasn't savvy enough to figure it all out. I finally did a web search and DAK came up with your gadget -- the explanation was just what I wanted so I ordered it. When I hooked it all up and tried to record a CD....nothing worked.

I went back to your ad and then realized how to set it up and download the software -- suddenly it all worked and now I'm having a blast making bunches of CD's. Your explanations really helped and I never would have figured it out otherwise. It does what you say and I am quite pleased.

It did take some doing though in figuring out that the actual files need to be left alone in the page that comes up when I hit "Click & Pop Filter" This is the one with the icons on the left side and the place where the "NEW" files are stored. They then need to be transferred to the MUSICMATCH library, and then to the playlist.

Once I got this straight then the rest was easy. Again, I'm quite pleased and have now been able to do what I've been wanting to do.

By the way, I bought my first computer from DAK in 1988, a 286, with 40 MB hard drive -- I learned a lot on that computer and I passed it down to my kids and they used it too. It's now on a shelf in the basement but I still have it! You can use any of this if you so desire."

H. B. Jacksonville, IL

For the most part, very helpful. I have a version of Cool Edit pro, which is different, but the same concepts.

When my mixer arrives, I use it hands on and give you an update.

I will say this: my experience with your company this week, in the process of ordering a mixer, talking to Dan on the phone, embalming questions ( and getting answers!) and downloading the software, has been a pleasure.

You guys really stand by your products and your customers. Other online companies should take note and learn.

J. C. Pueblo CO

"Well, first let me tell you how excited I was to find your system. I'm a 52 yr. old grandma and my daughter (32) and I played albums on low quality inexpensive "record players" since the 70's.

They have been scratched, food spilled on them and wiped clean with a wash cloth and anything else that you shouldn't do to an album, we did it. We really weren't very LP savvy at all but we loved to hear our music.

Then along came my now hubby "D", and boy does he have pristine albums, and a turntable. Well, needless to say, my albums were not allowed on his system.

So, I haven't heard some of these songs since the 70's until your system came along. I now have a Christmas request from my daughter to have some CD's of the old songs we listened to when she was a child. I am so excited to be able to "MAKE" her wish come true.

I know exactly which songs we played over and over again and can hardly wait to get started on this project. Thanks so much for the system Drew.

I'm having fun reliving the "olden days." Oh, the turntable!!! My husband thought it was a really good quality turntable and acted surprised.

Then when he heard the pop's, hisses' and crackle's gone from the songs, . . . well, let me tell you, his facial expression was a better testimony to your system than I could ever put in words.

I just giggled!!! I was so thrilled to be able to do something with my albums besides dust them.

Thanks again,"

A.O. Alta, CA

Can I put your comments Here? Click Here.

"I will be glad to answer you questions as I am fully satisfied with the products (Preamp and Stereo Filter) that I have received from you. I sent the email back manually as the link would not work for me.

1. I have been converting many tapes and LPs lately and really like hearing them again, Especially after they have been cleaned up and converted to CD.

2. I really liked the tutorials and they actually did help me in areas that I did not fully understand, But now I have successful recorded and converted many LPs and tapes, And will do some more tonight, Still have about 50 LPs to go but its fun.

3. The pre-amp and filter rocks... Need I say more!!

4. Dapper really works great and is east to use and fast.

Thank You"
D.B. Euless, TX


My sincere apologies that I took so long to reply on this subject. After purchasing the record player/mixer form your DAK2000 site I had problems getting the Musicmatch plus software to In-Line record.

Also found problems with disk space in my computer when I used the pop & click software.

After an e-mail to your customer service, also Musicmatch customer service, it seems that my problem was only that my computers operating system was too old. I had Windows 98 first edition, also I didn't have enough memory in the hard drive. So I had all this new equipment and software that I couldn't use yet. I got my computer geek friend to help me out. Finally, when he had some time, a complete overhaul was done. With Windows XP and a 40 gig hard drive, everything worked so well and as easily as your tutorials instructed.

I finally felt like all the other people who purchased your products and sounded so pleased. I am now on that list! The results are amazing, there really are no pops or click sounds!!

My husband has all the original LP movie sound-tracks of Sherlock Holmes which I've been converting to CDs. He's now been able to enjoy them with a crisp clean CD quality sound in any CD player.

This has been a long time want of mine to be able to enjoy all those LP's & now with equipment from your web-site and the help of a software has made it possible to enjoy them again with better, clearer sound!

Everything I purchased from your site along with the abundance of step by step tutorials with photos, was all so easy (after my computer upgrade of course).

I don't know how you could improve it anymore, it really is great.

Your web-site was a Treasure Find for me, thank you so much.


J.T. Vacaville, CA


Being a skeptical person, I often wondered if customer reviews are completely unbiased. In my own experience, I tend to research the company and their product, "test the waters" for quality and customer support, then keep returning to that firm.

Such is my history with DAK. I am not that much of a gadget guy, but know that if the product comes from DAK I will be pleased. My Mixer and Pop Assassin software arrived promptly and was just as I expected:

Much higher quality than the turntable pre-amp I got at a local audio store.

Your installation and operation guide made everything go smoothly. I relied on the high-resolution photos of each button/switch and I/O connector since I'm not familiar w/ electronics terms.

Finally, the Click, Pop & Hiss Assassin software completely eliminated tiny scratches from my old records. I highly recommend this solution to people who rescue treasured LPs.

Thanks again for sticking with your good reputation - it ensures my repeat business with DAK."

D. J. San Francisco, CA

"It's very seldom when you buy something that your expectations are exceeded!

The mixer does the job perfectly. Your tutorials for recording are flawless!

Even though you include more information than is needed (I had some difficulty finding my specific question answered) but it certainly all helps. The MusicMatch works well now, but I did have some trouble with it (had to revert back to version 7.1).

The "Click & Pop Filter" is unbelievable! I was taping a cassette tape with "The Great Caruso" singing. The piece was a recording from an old 78 record and you could hear every hiss and click!

After running it through the Click & Pop Filter it was flawless! Could not hear the hiss or clicks anymore. I also want to thank you for responding promptly to my problem e-mails. It's comforting to get feedback even though it may not be all of what I wanted to hear. Thanks again.

I'm looking forward to doing more with the mixer and Filter along with other programs which help to edit my recordings.

Please use my e-mail address if you care too.


J.M. Hudson, WI


The combination of the Mixer and the Click, Pop & Hiss Assassin work great.

I have been able to capture some great music from LPs that my brother gave me when I was a kid sometime back in the 50's (not to show my age). The digital product, while not perfect, is a great improvement.

Better yet, those albums we treasured in the past and kept in good condition come out very near perfect.

I converted about fifteen albums so far, using the Music Match JukeBox software you recommended. Great combination. Of course the old cassettes and 8-tracks come out even better.

I'm still experimenting, but the bottom line - I very happy with all of it."

C. B. Chesapeake, VA

"The Click & Pop software is fantastic, can't believe how clean the recordings become."
F.Z. Castle Rock, CO

"I should like to express my thanks to Dan for being so patient in helping me convert my files to wav so they might be cleaned through the Click & Pop Filter.

I used an old LP that sounded as if it were being played in the kitchen while bacon was being fried.

After using the Click & Pop Filter and copying to CD it was unbelievable as to the clarity that was heard, as if it were brand new [CD] I even turned up the volume on my stereo to try and hear some surface noise and there was none.

If someone wishes to hear clarity and superb sound this is the system for you. The Click & Pop Filter is the greatest. After using and listening to your CD's your eyes will bulge and your ears will never tire."

G. W. Chicago, IL.

I have been using your turntable and mixer and programs for 2 days and am very pleased.

My husband and I are learning how to use the equipment together. The results are great! Our first attempts to save our old LP's have been very satisfying.

It is wonderful to be able to listen to music in our car that we could only get on our phonograph. Not all our favorite artists reproduced all our favorite songs on CD's.

Thanks again,
E. B. Sierra Vista, AZ

How refreshing to find a product that performs just as advertised.

The ease of setup and use and the quality of the resulting CD recordings was truly amazing. The Pop and Hiss remover is fantastic.

I now have truly perfect CD's of some of my old, scratched favorite LPs.

What a product! Keep up the good work.

H.C. Marietta, Georgia

Hey Drew,

We got the mixer on Friday, Jan. 30. we Burned our 1st LP to CD the very same day.

First of all, we're pretty much computer illiterate, but with the tutorial in front of us, it went fairly smooth. On Saturday we burned 2 more and are becoming more comfortable with the process.

The tutorials are great, we just followed the instructions step by step.
The Click & Pop Filter really makes quite a difference.

I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. I can finally listen to the old records again without the junk.

THANKS!!!!!!! & yes you may use this e-mail.

W. L. New Providence, PA

Greetings to you,

I LOVE the editor and recorder. I just need to take more time to really learn all of the functions and how they will benefit me. The editorial is very user friendly.

Thank you so very much for offering this product. And being concerned about your users. I am appreciative of you.

J. J. Nashville, TN

Hey Drew!

I have used a plethora of vinyl restoration programs over the years and never have come across anything this slick.

Editing in the program is a breeze and being able to restore multiple tracks at once is a huge time saver. I'm hooked.

I have been making attempts to restore my cherished vinyl for the last 2 years, but had problems with ground loop interference and just did not enjoy the sound quality I was receiving once my music was digitized and burned to CD.

I had all but given up hope until that fortuitous day that I came across your web site.

I thank you. My music thanks you

C.W. Urbandale, IA




M. S. Middleton, TN


I really like the EQ. It makes a big difference.The improvements you can make are endless. If you need more lows, you can do it.If the high frequencies are muffled, you can bring them back out.

What I like also, is the ability to raise or lower the volume and when the file is saved, it is also saved with that volume.This works better than trying to do it in the Wave Editor to get the songs all the same volume. DATA BECKER MP3 Editor and Mp3 Doctor, I don't need them anymore.

You definitely got it right but there is one thing MP3 Doctor has,although it doesn't work very well, and that is a normalize feature that attempts to take a soft portion of a song such as the beginning of Great White's Rock Me and make it as loud as the loudest part of the song.

It would be nice if it could be done right.It gets a little distorted using Mp3 Doctor.Maybe you could figure out something.

It doesn't matter though, your Wave Editor and EQ are just great as they are.

I highly recommend getting both for the $29.90.You just can't beat it.I only wish I had it a while ago. Thanks and you can use my other email address which is -------.

C.M. Elizabethtown, PA

Love it!

I have been searching for something like this for awhile, to transfer my cassette collection to CD's.

Never thought it would be so easy! Just burned my first one tonight, after just taking a few minutes to hook it up.

I was skeptical, but let me say, it really, really works!

C.B. Port Deposit, MD



I have been using The DAK Wave & MP3 Recorder since I downloaded it a few days ago.

The program works as promised. I am trying to sing and need all the help I can get. The program has improved the quality of my help with my voice.


K. C. West Hills, CA

Sorry that I haven't gotten back with you sooner - have been having too much fun recording old LP's.

Your suggestion was right on - I had not activated the "Recording - Line In". I got your email at the same time I realized that I had not clicked on Control Panel Multimedia's 'Recording' properties - I had only checked the 'Playback' properties.

I really felt sheepish. It might be a worthwhile addition to the 'Quick Start' tutorial on page 5 - right at "OK, setup is all done" to throw in the check Windows Multimedia's "Playback" and "Record" properties with a MS Multimedia picture and Drew's classic red arrows 1 and 2 (for dummies like me who only did the "Playback"!) I checked with some other neighbors - their machines had the 'Recording Line In" muted also - this may be a MS default setting.

By the way, take "2 Gold Stars Out of the Petty Cash Drawer" for your patience and 'Super' prompt response(s) to my emails. Your technical support was greatly appreciated.

My wife jokingly said, 'I greatly appreciated Dan's response too - kept you almost under better control - than I can!"

I appreciate your help and it looks like all three programs are up and running. I haven't burned any CD yet, just gettting my 'library' ready. You were also right, the Equalizer Program is great - glad you talked me into it!

Many Thanks,

L. S. Windell, NC

Hi Drew

Just a few words about your fantastic system, I'am a complete novice and already made my first CD.

Just wanted to thank you and all your help with my dumb questions.

Again Thanks For A Great Product

T. W. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Dan rocks, but I want to send you this personally Drew!!! A copy of my email to Dan!! (Dan is in Customer Service.)

Dan, What gives?


Not only can I save it all to my hard drive easily but its kind of fun to do and the timed setting for the cassettes was hilarious! Who would've thought of that?

Kidding aside, this is the absolute best tutorial and customer service i've ever seen. Even if I purposely throw the Mixer/Software in the Ocean, you'll probably send a Undo Dumbass Decision Code, and fix it.

Great Product, Superior Help and Killer Attitude with customer satisfaction.

Geez Louise, I can't believe how great this product is for those who LOVE thier Vinyl and want to put it on your Hard Drive and CD's.

Even if you are afraid of computers, you can't screw it up......unless you can't read, see or have a CPU with no monitor.

Feel free to use my testimonial as you like, (but no nudie pictures without my consent;)

One estatic Professional Musician

D. W. Bonita, CA

I was very pleasantly surprised at the setup, use, and results of your LP to CD products.

I had a Technics turntable I purchased in 1977 and about 90 LP’s, some of which I wanted to preserve and play as CDs.

The preamp worked to perfection thanks to your hints about settings. The recording software was a breeze to use—hardly any configuration was necessary. I used your 5 minute results instructions, and got results right away.

And the click & pop program was the icing on the cake, so to speak. My estimate is that the results of conversion were about 90-95% audio-wise and about 200% more than I expected.

I had originally planned to use a professional audio card and some expensive noise reduction software. But I think now that would not have given me any better results than your products, which cost me about a fifth of what I had planned.

Thanks for a good set of products, and for going to the trouble to explain in really plain terms how to use them.

Although I am an experienced computer user, just a little experience is all that is necessary to use the preamp and programs.

Thanks again, I am really glad I came across your products—BTW, I found you with Google…

P. K. Folsom, California

The results are truly spectacular!

The pop/hiss program removed almost all of the snaps and pops with the exception of a couple of monster pops - from the places where I had to nudge the tone arm.

I used your editor to zoom in on those spots and removed them. I also added some silence to the beginning of the worst tracks and faded some of them out at the end.

The resulting CD really impressed me. I am now working on an album that isn't nearly as bad and I'm tweaking some of the settings so that I can become more familiar with the capabilities of the package.

I now have a project to fill up those long Montana winter evenings.

Congratulations on producing a really fantastic product. I showed it to one of the guys at work who is currently using a CD burner that's part of his stereo system to digitize his albums and he plans on switching to your package.

Thank You,

R. J. Helena, MT

Hi Drew -

The Click & Pop Filter seems to work well, though I haven't converted very many of my LPs yet. So far there have been 2 situations where I decided to use the original sound instead of the cleaned up version.

1. A song had some tap dancing by Fred Astaire in it. The De-popper took out all the snappy taps!

2. Records of garage bands from the sixties - if they are too clean, they don't sound like the original recording. (My LPs were in good condition, so most of the crud was in the original).

Thanks for giving me the ability to move that 10 feet of LP music into a format that I will listen to more often, and takes up less space!

P. K. Ukiah, CA

PS - OK to use quote if you want.

Hi Drew

I finally recorded some of my LP's.

The results are fantastic, especially after using the click and pop filter. How easy it is to use.

I was a bit Leary when I saw the product.

But WOW. The cost of your product is fantastic. I have 150 LP's to copy and the quality on the CD's is much superior to the Lp's.

E. T. Allentown, PA

I have used this program on about 20 LP to CD transfer and it does a wonderful job.

The CD's come on sounding perfect. I would reccomend this to anyone who has LP's that are scratched or nicked.

J. C. Sacramento, CA

Hi Dan and Drew...
All I can saw is WOW !
Just testing...I did get the song I wanted saved. I de-clicked it and ran it through the equalizer. It sounds like a new CD and this is an LP from 1968.

The turntable is just too cool and the pre-amp lets me listen to "raw" LPs. Thank you so much :)
...500 albums to go !

J. M. Denver, CO

"Hay Drew:
This Mouzzu Hillbilly, that's 74 years young with the DAK system, transferring tapes from the 60's 70's and 78's into super playing CD's. Set Up & Tutorial Manual assisted me to recoring in a hurry. Email help is and was beyond my expectations. SUPER SATISFIED"

E. B. Kirksville, MO

a product that actually does what it says it will! The set up
was as simple as the web site movies indicated. The movies, by the way, are superb teaching tools! As I continue I will be interested in learning what else I can do! But it was REALLY drop dead simple."

T. E. Hot Springs Village, AR

Can I put your comments Here? Click Here.

Can I put your comments Here? Click Here.

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Got a question? Need help setting up? No problem. We've found that we can email you detailed help with step-by-step PICTURES where appropriate to make sure you can make the most out of our products and software much better than trying to describe what to do verbally over the phone.

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Don't like to order over the Internet? Call the Order Line.
Got Questions, email us above.
Order Line 1-516-629-5290— M-F — 10 AM-5PM. Eastern Time

Mailed In Orders Welcome Too.
Please Include Phone Number & Email Address With Your Order.
Sorry Orders without Email addresses can't be processed at DAK.

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