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Remember these DAK 1 Products? You decide which products DAK 2000 pursues.
DAK Industries 2000 - Click - Name dialing phones and more. Click -Air ionizer sends out millions of negative ions for clean air. Click to remember smelling the aroma of homemade bread with this DAK 1 breadmaker. Click - Color CMOS and CCD wireless 2.4GHz video and surveillance video cameras from BSR. Click -"wireless marriage saver" 2.4GHz wireless stereo headphones and wireless speakers. Click - Radar detectors are a direct import wonder price example.
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DAK Industries 2000 - It's All About You, Not DAK!
It's really not 'About DAK'. It's only about what DAK can do for you. Are we the best experts for you? Do we explain the technology best? Do we provide you with the best service and prices? Do you have the best and most enjoyable experience here? You decide.

DAK Industries 2000 - A Note From Drew A NOTE FROM SOL
Dear Fellow DAKonians,

So how big is a micron? Is 2.4GHz really superior to 900MHz for video and/or audio transmission? What's the difference between a point, pica, pixel and an inch?
Well if you're like me you're as interested in how and why a product or technology works as what it actually does. And, of course, the most important thing about any product isn't even what it does, but what it will do for you.
Unfortunately, we all have both limited time and limited resources, so in our fast-paced world we have to make every decision with care.
Enter DAK 2000. We are a different place to visit. You know, I just read on somebody else's website that, "As our catalogs and product descriptions include all of the information available to us, our website and our telephone representatives do not have any additional information about our products."
Well it's not like that at DAK 2000. I will devote as much space and depth to my technical descriptions as is needed to convey exactly what a product or technology will do for us and more importantly, exactly what it will not!
And that's not all. If you don't get an answer you like, use our FREE 'eMail an engineer' to ask your question.

All this is just a taste of what being a DAKonian is all about. I'm trying to do things here that can't be tried in a physical store or catalog.
When was the last time you could 'talk' to an actual engineer, not a salesperson or a customer service operator? I'm testing web-centric ways to get you more information faster and in more interesting ways. Plus, this site is should be very useful and lots of fun too.
There's a lot more than products at Check out all our electronic tutorials. Take some of our fun and challenging electronic quizzes. We'll all learn a ton and have a ton of fun was we explore the latest in electronic innovations and how to make them work best for each of us. There are links to both the tutorials and quizzes at the top of the page.
But, you'd expect all that. It's the unexpected, the extra effort we expend and the extra things that offers that if you've never acquired a product from me in the past, are bound to surprise you and hopefully delight you.

DAK, Inc.
Sol Signature
Sol Harari
P.S. Over 40 years and still excited. You know in 1964 when Drew founded DAK 1, he was the ultimate audio tweak with 9 tape decks (long before the audiocassette). In '85 he introduced a 300 baud modem phone for contacting electronic bulletin boards.
In '86, he introduced and explained one of the first 8088, 128K PC clones. (Want to see the ad? It's 112K.) In '88 he was the first electronic breadmaker and in '91, he was one of the first to introduce and explain CD ROM drives to America.
Fast forward to late 2012, and I got to take over for Drew, who decided it was time to retire and spend his days SCUBA diving. Just like he, I get a kick from finding new audio and electronic discoveries that just make life a little more efficient, fun and exciting (especially with regards to music!), and I hope you do too.

So far, I've intro'ed the Forbidden Song Grabber (a great solution to the "No Stereo Mix Problem" on many newer computers), and I'm only just getting started.

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