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Scuba diving and running DAK have a lot in common. They are both highly technical. And, with both, you get to play with a ton of electronic gadgets. I guess I really do 'live to explore' new technology. And over the years, I've loved diving and running DAK equally.
DAK Industries 2000 - Diver Down Flag BUBBLING UP FROM DREW
Dear Old DAKonian Friend,
After more than 40 years, of having the greatest job in the world, I'm giving up my job and turning DAK over to two of my really close friends and electronics experts, Sol and David.

I want you to know that I still love the new innovations just as much as I ever have and I'm still checking them out and using them. And, the technological wonders coming out now, dwarf what we used to have.

So, unlike when they were going to close the patent office because everything that could be invented had already been invented in 1899 (By the way that seems to be an urban myth attributed to Charles H. Duell, the U.S. Commissioner of Patents) we are just at the beginning of the best of the best for electronics.

But, now that I'm 66, I want to get out and see places I've never seen, do things I've never done and spend time with my grandkids. Frankly, I don't want to give up DAK, but as you probably know, I love SCUBA diving and there are so many places without Internet connections that I've had to skip.

So now, I want to catch up on my diving before I'm too old and they have to push my wheelchair to the water's edge to get me in. Fully loaded with my cameras, tanks and underwater scooter, I'm carrying over 100 pounds. And I'm not sure I'll be able to pull that off when I'm 80.

Plus, to do a really great job of finding the latest and greatest electronic innovations for you, I've needed to go to China, Taiwan, Korea more often than to my kids’ birthday parties.

For those of you really old DAKonians, you might remember the Daddy's Pride and Joy Video recorder. I introduced one of the first portable (about 12-15 pounds) 2-piece camcorders by sending my wife to one of my son's speeches and having her record it for me because I was on a press check printing our catalog.

It's been a great run, and great fun. But now, David and Sol will spend far more time in the Far East Factories and do a better job than I can do of keeping you updated with the best of the best and the latest of the latest.

For the past 10 years I've been working with them and they've been importing really great audio wonders. They know and love our products just like I do. I wouldn't even consider turning DAK over to someone who considered it a business more than a passion. When your hobby and your job are the same, you have a perfect life. And we all win.

Plus there are still a few good projects left in me that I've been working on. So don't be surprised to see me as a guest writer adding my 2 cents with some really great product systems. So even though I won't own DAK any more, stay tuned because when I'm high and dry and not diving with the sharks, turtles and other denizens of the deep, playing with electronic innovations is my very favorite way to spend the day.

So, to make sure that you fellow DAKonians continue to get the newest innovations all the time. I'm leaving you in David and Sol's competent arms. I've seen a bunch of what they have planned and you can bet that I'll be a customer too.

  I hope you're enjoying your life, family and travels as much as I am.

Drew Alan Kaplan
P.S. Now Sol and David have the greatest jobs in the world, playing with, testing and photographing the very latest electronic innovations. And after working with them for nearly 10 years, I'm confident that they'll take you on some really great journeys.

P.P.S. If you are interested in my SCUBA movie & still adventures, you can see what I'm up to below. It's just for fun, but mother nature sure provides amazing sites for me to capture.

Click On 2000 Of My Favorite Dive Pictures Below
Get a feel for the splendor of being underwater. Below I've linked nearly 2000 of my favorite dive pictures. And below the pictures you'll find some of my favorite Dive Movies too.

To view my pictures, click on any one of the thumbnails and it will expand to full-size. You'll find great looking fish, sharks and even an eel that bit me. You can advance to another thumbnail page by clicking the > arrow at the bottom center.

Or once you're in the full-size pictures, you can zoom through the pictures by clicking on the actual picture or click the Play Button below any picture and it will start an automated slide-show that will advance the pictures every 5 seconds. Oh and one more thing. If you put it on slide-show, you might want to go to your View Menu and choose Full Screen to best see the pictures. I wanted them to be biggest they could be.

OK, these are some of my favorite pictures. They may not be perfect, but they help remind me of all the great dives I've had. I hope you love the ocean as much as I do. You'll see lots of Pictures from Maui, plus pictures from the Red Sea, Australia, Bonaire and lots more warm water dive locations. (I hate cold water and I'm a real wuss about cold water dives.)

Oh, you'll also see a few pictures of my kids and of my friend and for sure favorite Dive Buddy Charlie mixed in with the fish pictures. And yes that's me on the Scooter and with the shrimp cleaning my teeth and more. If I'm in the picture, likely Charlie shot it, not me. If you're ever in Maui, check out diving with Charlie Dolfun at the Grand Wailea Hotel. He's the best of anywhere
in the world that I've dived.

OK, come on along and enjoy a dive without even getting wet. . . Drew
  Drew's Dive Memories  

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Check Out My Scuba Videos.
I've Used Youtube to power them on this page.
Turtle Lunch

So I've been diving for over 40 years. And you'd think that I would have seen lots of turtles eating. But, nope. I've seen them eat. But never for very long or very much. And I've sure never had my video camera to capture it either.

What's really strange is that my wife asked be just before I left on the dive, had I seen a turtle eat? And I said, well, sort of. And then it happened. This is taken in front of the Grand Wailea Hotel in about 40 feet of water at a place we call DJ Hill.

I'm diving with my best buddy Charlie Dolfun (Yep, that's his name and he runs the dive business at the Grand. If you're ever there, check in with him. He's the best. You can't ever go wrong diving with Charlie. Oh, and this spot tends to be a bit silty so that's what you see the turtle spitting out of his mouth and nose as he eats.

My Manta Ray Encounter
Here's an encounter with a Manta Ray I had in May of 07. The Manta is at what we call a cleaning station. they come here to have the Hawaiian cleaner fish clean them up. If you are very still and patient they won't mind having you watch. This is taken right off shore during a beach dive right in front of the Grand Wailea Hotel with Charlie Dolfun, my very favorite dive buddy and the man to see if you stay at the Grand. It's his dive operation he's the best of the best.

Ahihi Bay, Maui Preserve
Schooling With The Ta'ape Blue Stripped Snappers

These amazingly colorful fish school in really tight formations. If you're really patient and slow, you can just about join their schools. It's really a ton of fun to try to get close, super close.

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