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DAK Industries 2000 - Gone Diving
Scuba diving and running DAK 2000 have a lot in common. They are both highly technical. And, with both, you get to play with a ton of electronic gadgets. I guess I really do 'live to explore' new technology. And I love diving and running DAK equally.
DAK Industries 2000 - Diver Down Flag BUBBLING UP FROM DREW
Dear Old DAKonian Friend,

Thanks for checking on me. I'm glad you cared enough to click this link. It was 4 years since I last published the DAK 1 catalog and before I published the new DAK Catalogs. I hope you missed them as much as I did.
We all had such a great time testing, using and benefiting from the new technology products, I hope you're as excited about doing it again as I am. OK, so when I'm not running DAK Industries 2000 what am I doing?
First, the truth is I wasn't diving all the time. I've really been working pretty consistently when I was away. But, the ventures I've been involved in have only required brief, intense spurts of energy so I've had time to get away in-between projects. I'll share the projects with you in a minute. But, first let's talk diving.
I'm an avid/rabid diver/underwater photographer. And frankly diving really is a lot like running DAK 2000. I dive with a computer. All I learned about F-stops and photographing catalog products with my 4x5 cameras applies underwater.
And from the scooters I often ride to the diving tables I use, to the 2-3 cameras I dive with, it's all about technology. B/W did you know that the word SCUBA wasn't even coined until 1952? And it's first use as a verb was recorded in 1973. So, it just about parallels the introduction and usage of our desktop computers.
I've dived with turtles, sharks and rays, and I've even been bitten by an eel. Oh well. I've had some incredible underwater experiences, a few of which we can share below. I often ride "James Bond" type underwater scooters, which are a real kick.
But, it's the silence, the serene beauty and the incredible fish that have so often driven me underwater since I was first certified in 1970. If you love the awesome beauty of nature as I do, check out a few of my pictures below.
From Australia's fabulous barrier reef to Bonaire's incomparable pristine shore diving, from Egypt's Red Sea adventure to Maui's Ahihi Bay Preserve, I've witnessed some of the stunning wonders of nature through my lens finder. One night I dove with 6 giant 10-foot manta rays. They were all around me rubbing up against me. It's a night I will never forget. And I watch my video often.
And when I'm not in the water what do I do? I read electronics manuals and texts. OK, everyone thinks I'm crazy. But, I really do. When I was a kid, I used to read dictionaries and encyclopedias for fun. (My wife thinks I shouldn't admit this in public. But, it's me. And it's true.)
And now, it's not unusual to find me warming up after a long dive reading the latest PhotoShop, Fireworks or Window's user guide. And wait till you see some of what you can do for less than $50 that I've learned from a manual on a flight to Maui below. See my 2-monitor section below.
But, it's not all diving. When I'm home I'm perfecting the newest bread recipe or grinding my own wheat. We make my 87-year old dad a loaf of the oat-bran prune bread every week. Check out Drew Kaplan Presents and you'll find both some exciting breadmaker add-ons and additions that may surprise you coming soon.
I've been involved in 2 dot-com startups, consulted for more than a dozen of my technology geek friends, and even partnered in an infomercial. When nobody needs me (translate wants me), I'm off to the beach.
When there's a job to be done, you'll find me in Seattle, Hong Kong or even Jerusalem. (Yes there's an Internet startup I was working on there.) And you'll also find me just about anywhere else where I can carry my notebook computer, get a connection to the Internet, and hopefully find some nice warm-water diving.
Plus, my family's doing great. We've never had so much time together. My two sons graduated college, one with his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology (our resident rocket scientist.) and the other with a degree in Marketing (our wheeler-dealer, maybe I'll learn a thing or two). Anyway things are good and I'm loving running DAK, well, DAK
Thanks for spending a few moments checking on me. Honestly, all I've really ever wanted to do was to get DAK 2000 started. And now with your support, I've put my diving aside and traded trips to Maui for trips to the Far East. (It's a lucky thing for me that I love Peeking Duck.)
For DAK INDUSTRIES, 2000, INC. Again, (That sounds good!)
Drew Alan Kaplan
President (Boy, it sure has a nice ring to it. President, I like it.)
P.S. Wander around the page below for a few minutes and you'll get a more graphical idea of what I've been up to. Enjoy the awesome beauty of nature, get a little travelogue, and pick up a few computer tips. And thanks again for caring enough to check in on me.
P.P.S OK here's a crass commercial plea. Please sign up for the Newsletter eMailing list so we can grow really fast and get the best products cheapest. Just Click Here To Become an eDAKonian, PLEASE?
Get a feel for the splendor of being underwater. Later I'll add more of my shark and dolphin pictures and more great turtle and octopus shots. Not enough time, not enough space. Oh well.

It's turtle heaven in
Maui. Turtles are the beautiful clowns of the ocean. In Maui they are abundant friends. Here's one playing with my scooter. 64K

Here I go on my scooter with my video camera in Maui. With a scooter you can cover a lot of ground and see a lot without using up your air kicking. 40K

The Octopus is a very intelligent creature. This one is leaving. Check out the Frog Fish below him. 74K

A Yellow Trumpet fish and an eel in the grass. (Not the one that bit me.) 75K

This ray was beautiful. Check out the dolphins and shark too. 59K

Sea Horses are hard to find and harder yet to capture on film. 40K

It's a kaleidoscope of color. The Queen Angel is one of the most beautiful fish. Bonaire 50K

Is it a rock? Only a mother could love a face like this on payday. Bonaire 73K

School anyone? Here I find myself in the middle of a school of Taape (4 Stripe snappers). 65K

Lion Fish are amongst natures most elaborate fish. In Egypt's Red Sea, I saw them 5 at a time. Wow! 43K
Check Out My Scuba Videos.
I've Used Youtube to power them on this page.

My Manta Ray Encounter
Here's an encounter with a Manta Ray I had in May of 07. The Manta is at what we call a cleaning station. they come here to have the Hawaiian cleaner fish clean them up. If you are very still and patient they won't mind having you watch. This is taken right off shore during a beach dive right in front of the Grand Wailea Hotel with Charlie Dolfun, my very favorite dive buddy and the man to see if you stay at the Grand. It's his dive operation he's the best of the best.

Ahihi Bay, Maui Preserve
Schooling With The Ta'ape Blue Stripped Snappers

These amazingly colorful fish school in really tight formations. If you're really patient and slow, you can just about join their schools. It's really a ton of fun to try to get close, super close.

Drew's SCUBA Cameras Click on my camera
to see the photographic gear I carry when I dive. I often carry 2 or 3 cameras when I go down. I don't look pretty but I have a great time.

Drew's Dive Computer My Dive Computer has seen a lot of dives. And it's pretty beaten up. But here's the face of one of my dive computers. My last dive maxed out at 57 feet and lasted for 92 minutes.

Curacao Floor Plan ErrorOK, I make mistakes.
When we went to Curacao, I found the hotel and booked the room on the Internet.
Here's the floor plan. What I thought was the living room (bottom left) turned out to be a patio. It does say balcony at the bottom.
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The error was mine. Thought you'd get a kick out of my blunder. Why does it matter? Well, no TV, no news and we were really isolated. But, boy was it beautiful.

Click On the Monitors
below to see just how easy it is to do using Windows 98/ME/XP and your own old or spare monitor. And, I found out all about it by reading a manual. This is awesome!
2 Monitors are Great

Read some books and create your own site.
Drew's HTML Bookshelf
Click To Check Out My Book Shelf.
These are the books I've read to learn how to create this site. I'm still learning as you can see. But, if I can do it you can too, and probably better.

Drew's 4x5 Camera StudioIt's all about trying it yourself. CLICK THE PICTURE to check out my 4x5 camera equipment. I got tired of waiting for a photographer to take my shots so I bought my own equipment. It turned out to be easy to use.
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