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Remember these DAK 1 Products? You decide which products DAK 2000 pursues.
DAK Industries 2000 - Click - Name dialing phones and more. Click -Air ionizer sends out millions of negative ions for clean air. Click to remember smelling the aroma of homemade bread with this DAK 1 breadmaker. Click - Color CMOS and CCD wireless 2.4GHz video and surveillance video cameras from BSR. Click -"wireless marriage saver" 2.4GHz wireless stereo headphones and wireless speakers. Click - Radar detectors are a direct import wonder price example.
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By Drew Kaplan                  You Pick The DAK 2000 Products
DAK Industries - New Inventions Coming Slowly
What's next? Will it be voice recognition or a compressor for your soft CD listening? Will we try 350,000 pixel CMOS color video for $50 or Digital Still Cameras? Will it be subwoofers or security? In the DAK tradition, Vote For What We Explore Next.
50 Products Coming Slowly
It's true. I could just slap out 50 products right now. I've already found them on 2 Far East buying trips. I met with dozens of old DAK 1 suppliers and new vendors too.
But that's not the DAK 2000 way. If I did just slap them out, I couldn't really learn about them and talk about all their good and bad points with you. I'd be just like any other superstore.
It's only by my 'hands-on' use, plus a 'studied blessing' by our engineers who confirm or blow apart what I think about a product, that makes it a candidate for the DAK 2000 catalog.
So, we'll carefully release one product at a time. And if you've never acquired a product from me in the past, you'll learn why it's not unusual to get twice the product for half the price by importing directly from the factory to you.
So why not take a moment and check the product areas you're interested in below, and I'll work on those product categories first.DAK 2000

The Current Votes Are in.
You've Chosen FREE eBOOKS.
So I've Created a NEW DAK SITE
It's Almost 3000 pages of Fun
So, Can You Be Bribed?
If you remember my 'Can you Be Bribed' ads, you'll remember the $5 LCD watch, the $7 phone, $2 Stereo headphones and much more. But don't forget, there's a catch.
Well for I'm unleashing a whole new series of bribes to help round up our 4,300,000 fellow DAKonians. Here's a sample of what I'm working on.
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How would you like an electronic compass for $10, a cordless phone for $8, an auto-dialer for your phone credit card for $3 or a digital memory recorder for $5.
Remember there's going to be a catch. But these are the type of 'bribes' you'll be seeing in the very near future. It's the DAK tradition. So, signup for the eDAKonian Newsletter and Print Catalog and you'll get it all.DAK 2000
I was was not a DAKonian before.
Choose The NEXT Wave OF Products AT DAK
Yes, it really is up to you. I've got lots of my own ideas. But DAK is always a group effort.
I can only carefully examine and release a few products at a time. So take a moment and check the boxes of the categories you want me to pursue next, or ADD YOUR OWN. Then Click Vote at the bottom.
I've included pictures from DAK 1 products I introduced in the past to help us stimulate ideas.
There is no obligation. You're simply guiding DAK in how to best serve you. No salesman will call, and neither your name nor any information about you will be rented or shared. See my privacy pledge.
BSR and other surveillance cameras have evolved into full color CCD and CMOS 350,000 pixel video cameras, computer cameras, video cameras and more. Wireless cameras and USB cameras with manual and electronic zoom are ours. Yes, let's see the latest digital still and surveillance COLOR and B&W cameras, plus switchers and even Internet transmissions for home and office. 2.4GHz transmission. You'll have wireless video, wireless surveillance and wireless MP3 music. Plus you'll have wireless satellite and DVD. Yes, let's broadcast our own pirate TV. Now with 2.4GHz you can get really great color reception. Plus get security and picture in picture. Electronic door locks. From BSR and X10 new home automation for sprinklers, thermostats drapes and more. Yes, from electronic door locks to automated lighting, we DAKonians want the latest and best for our homes.
Computer telephones are automating dialing, internet access and even videophones. Yes, let's explore automated phones, answering machines, and hand dialers. From wireless dialers to Internet phones, we'll examine it all. It's a subwoofer satellite speaker system for deep bass. Plus BSR's Soundfield Imaging 15" 3-way speaker systems will come soon. Yes, let's get great sounding floor shaking subwoofer deep bass. And, let's add satellite speakers and 15" floor standing systems from SoundField Imaging and others. I chose Audio Source and BSR Equalizers. I'm working on a way that you can test MP3 sound from the Internet with an interactive equalizer so you can hear for yourself. Yes, we can infuse our stereos, DVDs and MP3 with passion using equalizers high power amps and digital enhancing devices.
Air ionizers clean the air. Millions of negative ions attach themselves to pollutants. Yes let's clean up our air. I've been using air ionizers to clean my air for 10 years. They are getting even better. Wait till you see. Maxon Think Speaks operated on 49MHz. On our bikes, when we were fishing, hiking or hunting. Now FRS, there's a whole new 2-mile range experience.. Watch VOX FRS coming soon. Yes, let's try out the newest FRS 2 mile license-free systems. If direct import prices are low, we can talk cheap for miles.

Wireless marriage saver now with 2.4GHz and more, you can have MP3 anywhere, TV sound over a hundred feet away with headphones or wireless speakers. Yes, explore infrared and 2.4GHz wireless TV, MP3 and stereo wireless marriage savers.

DAK 1 actually introduced this BSR CD ROM drive to the U.S. consumer and we introduced hand scanners too.
Yes, let's look at what's good. BUT THERE'S TOO MUCH. We have to sort through all the options and only add-on things that will really help us. In 1990, it was what's above. Wait till you see what's coming.
Internet usability software and web-creation and enhancement are high on my list. Let's build FREE web pages together to learn how. Yes, we should explore software. But time to learn is the main problem. We should only use software that really is the best for our productivity. I had to learn Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Homesite and more for this web site. Time is short! Look for 5,000 books on a CD as a bonus coming soon. And, we'll access thousands of ebooks on-line. Yes, let's get 5000 books on one CD ROM or download books from the Internet. Searching is better and virtually all information that can help us succeed is going to be more usable as eBooks.
Electronic zoom binoculars and our new electronic telescopes. New lenses and breakthrough automatic zoom bring us new binoculars and telescopes to gaze at the stars or the whales at direct import prices. Now we can see and do things that weren't possible in the past. Smell the delicious aroma of homemade bread from the DAK 1 breadmaker. Yes, we want to see new food products like the breadmaker. Note: DAK 2000 will not offer kitchen products, but Drew Kaplan Presents above will.
    OK, it's your turn to chart DAK 2000's new course. Your product ideas count. So far, you've evaluated my ideas. I will do my best to act on each one of your ideas.

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