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Today's technology is moving fast. And, luckily, most of it's really easy to use. It will help us all do more, do it better and do it faster.

It's just a simple matter of learning the right steps to take, or the right questions to ask and then doing it. Here I'd like share some step-by-step tutorials to help you 'See How Easy It Is To Do It ALL' YOURSELF. Oh, and please do let me know what you think. . .Sol.
  1. Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Tutorial- Here's a bunch of really easy time saving ways to do easy tasks right from your keyboard.

  2. Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar Tutorial And More - Here's how to use the Office Shortcut bar to do much more for you from now on. It's on the Disc for you to use.

  3. Digital Pictures Viewed And Organized On Your Computer. Working With Digital Pictures on your computer - Learn things I missed Fast. If you're doing pictures. This will really help.

  4. Microsoft Word Tutorial - Personalizing And Customizing Word® Tutorial - Don't be stuck with the defaults. Make Word Really 'sing' for you. You'll save time and do things that you may not have known you could do.

  5. Microsoft Windows® Tutorial - Use 'SendTo' To Save Time Opening Your Documents Really - What if you'd like to open a text file with word or an HTML file with a secondary browser? It's easy if you just drop it into your your SendTo Folder. Or, what's the easiest way to send something to your 3.5" floppy or other removable storage device? What about putting a shortcut to a program you use frequently on your desktop? Here's how to set it up and use it to really save you a ton of time.

  6. Vinyl to CD & LPs to CDs & LPs to CDRs HOW TO Tutorial - This is great. If you love your LPs, here's how easy it is to turn them into CDs yourself FAST. Cassettes and Open Reel Tapes too.

  7. Tutorial - LPs To CDs The Software - OK, so you didn't know what to do with the Software? Well here's a step by step look at software (but you'll probably use our Wave Editor See Tutorial 15 for recording) to convert your LPs into CDs and to Manage your tracks and Burn your CDs.

  8. Find Old Vinyl - LP Memories How to Find Them On The Net Tutorial - Remember your favorite LPs from the past? Have you lost them? Did you ever own them? Well, now you can find them fast and cheap.

  9. Sol's Equalizer And Frequency Equalization Tutorial - Improving Your Stereo's Sound - Want Great Sound from your stereo? The more you know about the individual frequencies that each instrument creates, the more you can do to improve your music from now on. Big time.

  10. Finding Special Characters Tutorial.
    Where's that #%* darn Special Character? Finding Those Special Characters Tutorial. Here's a short easy tutorial on finding and using the characters you need that aren't on your keyboard. Where's the Copyright, Registered or Degree Symbol? How about figuring out which key to hit for which Dingbat? Now it's easy.
  11. Finding Missing Programs/Utilities In Windows On Your Computer Tutorial.
    Did you find the Character Map in Tutorial 10? If not, or if you don't have the Clipboard Viewer, Maybe some Games or your Resource Monitor, they might not be turned on. This Tutorial shows you how to find your missing Window's components and turn them on. There just may be a bunch of them that you didn't know were already on your computer.
  12. Using 'Print Screen' Screen Captures to share your problems, triumphs, and interesting finds with others. How to instantly capture anything on your screen, and how using ALT 'Print Screen' makes it better. Then how to email what you've captured so others will see what your problem or issue is.
  13. Streaming Audio Internet Radio & Artist On Demand Tutorial, Learn how to listen to just the artist or type of music you want to hear 24/7. Want only Broadway Musicals, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash or Bach? You can choose from thousands of artists and composers. It's like a personal Jukebox with virtually every musical track you've ever dreamed of playing on your computer and to your stereo right now.
  14. Windows Sound Recorder-Secrets for powerful Recording and Editing, Lean how to get more than the 60 seconds you think is the limit to the Windows Sound Recorder you get free with Windows. You can also Edit and Record Live with full CD Quality. You can even eliminate talking between tracks.
  15. WAVE (.WAV) and MP3 Professional Recording & Editing. If You Can Hear It You Can Record & Edit It. Here's how to split tracks, edit out talking, fade in and fade out and much more. How to get 'into' your music. You can alter tracks anyway you want. Normalize tracks, amplify tracks and much more. This is the definitive tutorial on recording, editing and turning your computer into a powerful Audio Recording Studio.
  16. More Tutorials Coming Soon. Note from Sol: Many of you DAKonians have eMailed me about centralizing all the tutorials I've been sending you in the newsletters. I'm working on setting up this page so I've only put some of the tutorials here so far. Stay tuned. I'll put the others up and all the new ones will be here too.
    . . .Sol
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